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CureSearch WalkCommunity events are the primary means through which CureSearch raises awareness of children’s cancer and raises funds to support targeted and innovative children’s cancer research. Our largest and most successful fundraising event is the CureSearch Walk. Building on the energy and determination of families across the country, the CureSearch Walk is now in over 60 communities. In the last two years, 55,000 walkers have raised $6 million at CureSearch Walks.

Our CureSearch Walks are family-friendly events that occur in large and small communities throughout the United States. Childhood cancer does not discriminate, so families and children of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds participate in a day of fun, food, and music. The CureSearch Walks are wonderful celebrations of the strength and perseverance of children with cancer and their families.

For more information on CureSearch partnership levels and benefits, view the sponsorship packet here. To learn more about CureSearch national or regional event sponsorship, please contact Kelli Wright, National Director of Strategic Partnerships, at (240) 235-2217 or Kelli.Wright@CureSearch.org.

Check out our list of current partners.

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