About the Symposium

The 2020 CureSearch Pediatric Early Development Symposium (PEDS) served as a synergistic platform for driving critical stakeholder collaborations to accelerate the pace of pediatric drug development. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural PEDS meeting, we’re pleased to announce our 2021 symposium — Pediatric Oncology Clinical Trial Development: New Approaches for a Changing World — a collaborative forum to address the unique aspects and challenges of pediatric cancer clinical trial design.

Attendees from academia, industry and regulatory agencies will present and discuss current and upcoming issues around designing and conducting clinical trials for limited patient populations. Experts in the field will convene to provide real-world examples and solutions relating to clinical trial design, optimization and conduct. Within an immersive virtual environment, they will address topics that include:

  • real-world data and synthetic control arms
  • pharmacokinetic modeling in pediatric patients
  • expanding the global footprint of pediatric oncology trials
  • implementation of decentralized clinical trials
  • clinical trials with combination therapies

Symposium participants will come away from the meeting with practical tools and examples of methods for increasing efficiency and collaboration around pediatric oncology clinical trials. The 2021 CureSearch PEDS will serve as an opportunity to collaborate and examine the changing dynamics of pediatric oncology clinical trials.

Symposium Co-Chairs

Samuel Blackman, MD, PhD

Samuel C. Blackman, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
& Co-Founder
Day One Biopharmaceuticals

Brenda Weigel

Brenda Weigel, MD
Director of the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
University of Minnesota's Masonic Cancer Center

Who's Attending

Industry leaders, academics and other thought leaders in pediatric drug development including:

Medical Affairs
Clinical Affairs
Project Management
Regulatory Affairs
Research and Development
Early Development

Late Development
Clinical Operations
Academic/Key Opinion Leaders
Patient Advocates

Feedback from the 2020 Symposium

"There are lots of moving parts to PIPs/PSPs but with the right knowledge and support, that can be done in a way that supports drug development in pediatric oncology."

“The pediatric oncology community (academia, industry, regulatory, advocacy) is made up of a very special set of dedicated experts working diligently to improve pediatric drug development.”

“There are many people working very hard to figure out how to advance drugs for children. On the other hand, companies aren't really geared up for the process yet.”

“This was truly one of the kind effort that's invaluable to our community!”

“Collaboration/partnership/Communication. It's not anything revelatory, but the sessions reinforced the importance of these concepts across all of Peds Oncology development. The better and more efficient that industry, regulators and academia can be at working together, the faster that new and better drugs will become available for pediatric cancer patients.”

“I really wanted to thank the organizers for allowing for enough time for substantive discussions. The Q&A sessions were brilliant.”

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