About the 2022 CureSearch Summit

The CureSearch Summit brings together thought leaders across pediatric oncology stakeholder groups to discuss the current state of pediatric cancer drug development and the challenges therein. The 2022 Summit aims to position the pediatric oncology community to be a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) advances. Specifically, this meeting will address the current and potential utility of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine broadly and then focus on positioning pediatric oncology at the forefront of the big data revolution.

With artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other computational tools making an impact in various healthcare fields, we feel the time is right to begin a dialog around how these technologies may be implemented in pediatric oncology. This symposium is designed to be a practical workshop addressing the mechanisms by which pediatric oncology might serve as a model for implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. All of our stakeholder meetings are outcome driven and we will leave with a list of action items to continue to support the results of the meeting.

A Working Group convened by CureSearch that integrates leaders in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space as well as members of industry is currently developing the agenda and selecting speakers for this event. Please visit our Agenda page to follow our progress.

Wednesday, April 27 - Thursday, April 28, 2022

Convene | 600 14th St NW | Washington, DC 20005

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