Alicia Giacalone, Peripheral Neural Ectoderm Tumor (PNET)

6 Years Old at Diagnosis

Alicia GiacaloneOur story is a familiar one to anyone who has faced cancer. A child with a pain that wouldn’t go away, progressively got worse, and the eventual cancer diagnosis. Alicia was the patient, she is my daughter and she is a survivor! It has been ten years since Alicia first had that pain and she is now entering her senior year in high school.

A lot has happened these past ten years, but the one this that hasn’t changed is Alicia’s zest for life. Pediatric cancer is a devastating disease that brings with it lifelong health issues. It changes the dynamics of families and friends and refocuses one’s priorities.

Alicia has devoted the past ten years to pediatric cancer. She is an outspoken advocate trying to bring national recognition and support to children’s cancer awareness and she is a 16 year old girl, now looking towards college selection and her future. Every kid with cancer should have a future to look forward to and it is only through our efforts that we can achieve that goal!

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