Annmarie Steber, Nurse

Annmarie SteberAnnmarie Steber, RN is described as a nurse that goes above and beyond for every patient, someone who is never too busy for a child, and who is quick to stop and blow bubbles or paint a child’s nails if it means getting them to smile. This month, through our Facebook nomination contest, CureSearch is proud to name Annmarie as our favorite nurse! Nominated by Jacqui Zupko, mother of Sammi, for her hard work and dedication, Annmarie has helped countless patients, and their families, at the Lehigh Valley Hospital deal with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. For all of her compassion, she is a favorite nurse of Sammi.

“I am very honored to be named CureSearch’s favorite nurse,” says Annmarie. “I am inspired by the patients and their families every day to do what I do. They make me want to come to work and try to make a difference.”

Annmarie decided to become a nurse while working as an assistant at Lehigh Valley Hospital. She was inspired by the nurses around her and the amazing things they were doing to help their patients. Twenty-five years later, she can’t imagine doing anything else. Annmarie feels lucky to work as a nurse and strives every day to make things a little better for her patients and their families.

Every day, Annmarie, and other nurses across the country are Never Giving Up on children with cancer. They strive to provide the best treatment possible and hope that one day, no child will be diagnosed with cancer.

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