Carmello, Leukemia

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

CarmelloWhen Jasmin’s son, Carmello was two he started having breathing spells, where he held his breath for long stretches of time. Concerned, Jasmin took him to the doctor, who explained that they were just temper tantrums, and that he would eventually grow out of them.

Months later, the breathing spells returned. Jasmin took notes during each episode and shared them with Carmello’s doctor, who directed to them to a neurologist. After several tests, they were sent home without answers. Carmello continued to have breathing spells, became lethargic, bruised easily, lost weight and spiked high fevers. His doctors insisted it was a viral infection, but Jasmin knew something more was going on. Finally, they ran a blood test and found that Carmello had leukemia.

CarmelloTheir family was immediately thrust into the cancer world, and struggled to adapt. Carmello stayed in the hospital for several weeks and adjusted to treatment. His weekly clinic visits soon became routine, and Carmello turned into a pro at getting blood drawn, spinal taps, steroid injections, and chemotherapy.

His mother says that they have watched him mature a lot throughout treatment. “He has been exposed to things that a normal five-year-old couldn’t even imagine,” says Jasmin. Throughout it all, Carmello has kept his positive attitude and incredible smile. This summer, Carmello can’t wait to play t-ball with friends, watch Iron Man movies, and spend time with his family.

His treatment is expected to be over this December, and he and his family are thankful for the research that has made his treatment a success.

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