Cash Robison, Hepatoblastoma

Meet Superhero Cash

Superhero Cash

“Babies don’t get cancer, what is going to happen now?” were the words of Cash’s grandmother when at just 7 months old he was diagnosed with stage two hepatoblastoma, a rare type of liver cancer. While Cash was too little to understand what was happening, the rest of the family was confused and devastated, hearing the life altering and heartbreaking words, ‘your child has cancer.’

Baby Cash TreatmentsCash underwent a grueling treatment process – starting with a procedure to remove part of his liver just three days after his diagnosis. He was scheduled to start chemotherapy a week later when he went into septic shock following an infection in his drain tube. Doctors were unsure if he would survive. Cash was intubated for almost a week, his condition was touch and go. Fortunately, during the next few days he was slowly weaned off ventilation and eventually the pain medications and antibiotics as well.

Cash’s journey has taught his family that life is short and precious and to always cherish the time you have with kids. His family hopes that through the childhood cancer research programs funded by CureSearch, no parent will ever have to hear those four words that forever changed their lives: ‘your child has cancer.’ They also hope that the world will start acknowledging that children with cancer are just as important as adults.

Baby Cash Cured

“My hope is that everyone would read our posts, listen to our pleas for help and start acknowledging that children as just as important as adults with cancer. Please don’t look away, if put in this same position, you would want everyone fighting for your child, too,” said Lisa, Cash’s mom.

Cash, an identical twin and Elmo lover, is an amazing little guy who fought so hard to get where he is today. Consider donating today to help children and families like Cash’s.

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