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Celebrating Nurses

Posted: May 6, 2016

Nurses WeekThrowing birthday parties for young cancer patients who can’t leave the hospital…Bringing in chicken nuggets because that’s all the young warrior will eat…Allowing families to take home empty syringes without the needle so that the newly diagnosed can get comfortable seeing and handling it – these are just some of the stories I’ve heard about nurses from families.

Nurses Week is not nearly long enough to give them the recognition they deserve. They play a critical role in providing comfort, care and a sense of normalcy to the completely abnormal experience of having a child diagnosed with cancer, and their work means so much to the children and families whose lives they touch every day. It also means a lot to us as our work has a much greater reach and impact because of them.

To help support the nurses in our lives, we offer a variety of educational resources, including webinars and a video library, as well as our award-winning CancerCare app that helps make providing excellent care for children with cancer easier.

Although I am not personally able to say thank you to the hundreds of thousands of nurses out there, I am hoping the video message below expresses the true gratitude I have for these professionals who become a member of the families they serve.

Until there are cures,
Laura Thrall
CEO, CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

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