Christian Losurdo, Wilms Tumor

5 Years Old at Diagnosis

Christian LosurdoIn December 2005, Christian and his family rushed to the hospital for the birth of his newest brother, Brendan. It was at the hospital that his father noticed a strange lump near his stomach. Suspecting something was wrong, Christian was given several tests the next day. The results diagnosed five year-old Christian with Stage 3 Wilms tumor, also known as nephroblastoma or kidney cancer.

Christian had a football-sized tumor removed and began chemotherapy just before the New Year. He was given chemo for nine weeks in a row, then, his treatments were administered once every third week for an additional four months. Christian also received six radiation treatments during this time.

Throughout his treatment, Christian remained a fighter. Despite a few emergency room visits and other “bumps in the road,” Christian stayed strong. In June 2011, Christian and his family celebrated him being off-treatment for five years. He is proud to say, “I am N.E.D.,” no evidence of disease.

Christian LosurdoChristian’s mom, Rene, says she always believed Christian was a caring and compassionate boy, but since his battle against cancer, those traits are even stronger.

“Every night I pray for other kids with cancer and my wish is that there is a cure some day!” he says.

“We support one big event in pursuit of that dream,” he says – he and his friends and family participate in Chicago’s CureSearch Walk, and he is Team Captain of “Christian’s Crusaders.” Christian says he looks forward to seeing even more participants at this year’s Walk. “Together we walk, hope and pray to one day see a CURE!”

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