Engaging the Corporate Community in CureSearch’s Fight to End Children’s Cancer

Channel your expertise in marketing, HR, sales, communications and business operations to help end children’s cancer. CureSearch’s Corporate Citizenship Council (C3) is a volunteer-driven group made up of all-stars from a variety of industries based throughout the country. Members serve as a soundboard, think tank, and corps of ambassadors for forwarding the strategy and success of CureSearch’s development and marketing efforts. They are charged with developing an understanding of CureSearch’s mission and educating and engaging their
corporate peers with CureSearch.

The goals of the Council are threefold:

  1. Offer leading professionals a meaningful way to use their expertise in marketing and business strategy to give back
  2. Build strategic corporate initiatives that will engage new companies and partners in mutually beneficial ways
  3. Help end children’s cancer

Interested in joining the Corporate Citizenship Council? Contact Kelli Wright, National Director, Strategic Initiatives at kelli.wright@curesearch.org or (240) 235-2217 OR complete the short application below.

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