Danielle Carpenter, Wilms Tumor

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

Danielle CarpenterWhen Danielle received her diagnosis of Wilms tumor (kidney cancer) when she was two years old, we were devastated. As parents, we were paralyzed by our inability to protect our little girl. During the course of that diagnosis, our oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh shared with us that just ten short years prior, her survival would most likely have been 50/50. But because of the improvements to survival rate due to research, development and treatment protocol, her prognosis at the time of diagnosis had improved to almost 90%. I don’t need to say much more to explain the difference between those two survival rates.

It quickly became clear to us that while we had the responsibility to make sure Danielle had all that she needed to fight her battle, we also had a responsibility to help make sure that every other child that received a diagnosis of cancer had the same shot at a bright future as our little Danielle. When we had the discussion with our oncologist that we felt this responsibility, he referred us to CureSearch. We vetted other charities as well, but it was CureSearch’s unique ability to make sure the highest percentage possible of funds donated went to actual R&D, their ability to interact with us at the ground level and the excellence of their staff that made CureSearch a clear choice.

We haven’t looked back. Since 2011, Danielle’s Roses Against Childhood Cancer (www.CureSearch.org/DaniellesRoses) has taken part in the Pittsburgh CureSearch Walk. We’ve also done walks in Houston and Dayton. Danielle and her supporters have worked hard to make sure that there is growth in both our message and revenue for CureSearch every single year. This year was no exception and, in fact, we took a major step forward in our commitment to the cure, Planned Giving in the form of a Champion Fund.

Danielle CarpenterWe see a Champion Fund as a great way to build on our success at our local walk and help take her, our and CureSearch’s story and message to a national level. We are expecting bigger and better things for 2015 and beyond and we will not stop until we have protected these children from a diagnosis.

Please consider one of two things…Planned Giving in the form of your choice or supporting curesearch.org/DaniellesRoses.

The most important thing to remember is that these kids cannot defend or advocate for themselves. It is up to us to make sure that the message is heard and that the battle is won in the fight against childhood cancer.

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