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Did You Know? Knowledge Provides Peace and Healing

Posted: October 4, 2016

Written by Guest Blogger, Lauren Dole

*Originally posted on the Newsletter, Knowledge Provides Peace & Healing

Gage DoleGage was diagnosed with inoperable spinal Ewing sarcoma June 2005. He was 3 years old. I had first heard about CureSearch from the hospital social workers in order to help us understand this type of cancer. This was the beginning of our journey to become as informed as possible.

Four years after Gage’s passing in 2011 I felt I was ready to try and do what I could to improve the outcome of children’s cancer. Gage’s Oncologist informed me that CureSearch held a fundraising Walk. I was impressed with CureSearch’s approach at transparency where a donor can easily track how their funds are being applied and that researchers are held accountable to meet milestones in order to continue to receive funding. I feel CureSearch manages my donations well. Also, CureSearch has been specifically funding children’s cancer research for 25 years.

Lauren & Gage DoleRecently a friend asked to let her know if I heard of any promising research for Ewing sarcoma or solid tumors. I immediately was able to email her two links from CureSearch. CureSearch funds research that has the potential to reach pediatric trial within three to five years so as a parent, there is hope there will be other treatment options sooner rather than later.

I have been excited to see that CureSearch now offers a CancerCare App to help families manage appointments, information and medications. This would have been very helpful during our fight.

Since cancer mutates, I believe the answer won’t be one single treatment so supporting an organization that searches for the most promising cures nationally and internationally is important.

Portland WalkWe ache for Gage every day, but we can feel some peace that we did everything in our power to save his life with the resources available at the time.

Please join the fight to give families more hope and become a CureSearch PDX fundraiser. Read about the Walk/5K Fun Run on Sunday, September 18.

Lauren Dole, CureSearch PDX Event Chair &
Forever Gage’s Mom

Register for a Walk or other event or learn about life-saving research.

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