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Digging Deep – A Free Journal to Assist Children with Cancer

Posted: September 29, 2015

Digging DeepDigging Deep journal is a recently published, 140-page resource created specifically for children and teens facing serious or chronic illness. Filled with writing prompts and artwork, the journal allows young people to safely express their feelings about their diagnosis and share their journey with cancer, or whatever health challenge they face. As a keepsake, the journal becomes a tribute to their courage and bravery in fighting illnesses such as cancer.

Cancer survivor and philanthropist, Sheri Sobrato Brisson, personally knows how hard it is within families to talk about feelings surrounding illness. She created the Digging Deep journal with Rose Offner to address the need for greater communications she often witnessed in counseling children and families facing health crises.

“Too many kids and teens are holding back their feelings about being ill, and this is not contributing to their recovery,” said Sheri. “Digging Deep helps children begin the process of recognizing, accepting, and expressing their emotions to parents and caregivers.”

Journaling can help children with cancer find meaning in their struggles and play an important role in addressing emotional needs and building resilience. Seeing their issues laid out in a book helps children to feel heard, understood, and less alone. “The ultimate lesson of Digging Deep is not to ‘act strong,’ but to ‘be strong,’ by sharing one’s true feelings, whatever they are,” said Sheri.

By partnering with Digging Deep, CureSearch is helping to strengthen communication within families facing children’s cancer diagnoses. “We are so touched by how Sheri is translating her personal experience in a way to support kids facing cancer,” said Laura Thrall, CEO of CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. “We want to be a comprehensive resource for children’s cancer, and the Digging Deep journal is one more offering CureSearch is pleased to share with families.”

For more information about how to receive a free copy of the journal in English or in Spanish, please visit the Digging Deep website.

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