Drake Hegy, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

Drake-Hegy-Web1My son Drake was 2 years, 1 month and 12 days old when the doctors told us that he had cancer. After an inconclusive bone marrow biopsy, many blood test and doctors around the United States they concluded that Drake has a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Because of the support that CureSearch provides to the physicians working around the clock to help diagnosis and treat all kids with cancer, they (the physicians) were able to indicate that Drake’s type of leukemia is a Mature B-cell type. He unfortunately did not qualify for a clinical trial but the doctors continue to study Drake’s leukemia to help find a cure. What we have learned during this process is that only 1% of the population according to research/publications has been diagnosed with Drake’s type of leukemia. That is, it is so rare there are not many studies published to indicate a specific treatment approach.

Drake was started on a treatment approach for B-cell type leukemia and modified to meet his specific needs. At this time, we have eliminated one of the intense portions of his treatment due to the research that has developed over the past year indicating that it has done more harm to the child than beat cancer. We have been so grateful for a chance and now can say we are on our way to a cure story. Drake’s bone marrow has gone into remission and he has finished his months of intense chemotherapy.

Starting June 26, 2012 he will begin his journey of maintenance and on November 29, 2014 we are hoping to say we have beat cancer and return to the life we had before treatment.

Thank you CureSearch for all you have done, we are rewarded again with the power of research and success to have many more days to spend with our little one.
-Amanda Hegy

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