Eve Griffith, Wilms Tumor

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

To meet Eve Griffith today is to encounter a vibrant 8 year old interested in ballet, cowboy boots and all things America’s Test Kitchen! Diagnosed with bilateral Wilms Tumor at age 2, CureSearch is proud to have her serve as a national Ultimate Hike Hero and Ultimate Hike volunteer!

Eve Griffith

Eve likely remembers little about her 7 months of treatment, which included the complete removal of one kidney and part of the other, as well as aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. But since that time, her family has become committed to ensuring that research continues so that one day, all children diagnosed with cancer will be guaranteed a cure.

Wilms Tumor is a type of kidney cancer affecting approximately 500 children a year in the United States, the majority of who are under 5 years old. Bilateral Wilms, meaning cancer in both kidneys, is even more rare and when Eve was diagnosed, she had 13 tumors in total. Thanks to her care team at Duke, clinical trials and ongoing research, Eve’s doctors pronounced her cured in May of 2015!

Since her diagnosis, Eve and her family have participated in the CureSearch Walk, visited their representatives and senators on Capitol Hill to ask for more funding for children’s cancer research, and are leading recruiters and fundraisers for the Ultimate Hike. In fact, her brother Daniel and sister Natalie became the youngest Ultimate Hikers to date in 2015, and are both lacing up their boots again in 2016.

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