Gaby Sandoval, Germ Cell Tumor

8 Years Old at Diagnosis

Gaby Sandoval8-year-old Gaby was playing in a softball tournament in June of 2013 and complained of stomach pain. Her parents thought that she was dehydrated from playing in the sun, so they made sure she drank plenty of water and rested.

The next week Gaby was still complaining of stomach pain. Her parents took her to the ER who feared that the pain could be from her appendix, so she ordered a CT scan. What the doctors at North Central Baptist Hospital found shocked everyone. There was a mass on Gaby’s left ovary.

Gaby SandovalThe doctors weren’t sure what type of cancer Gaby had, but they knew that removing it was her best option. On June 28, Gaby underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Doctors discovered that she had a germ cell tumor that had spread to her ovaries. After surgery, Gaby underwent 4 rounds of chemotherapy before doctors declared her in remission in October 2013! Now Gaby is enjoying attending school, playing guitar in the school band, and playing softball.

Her family is committed to supporting the San Antonio CureSearch Walk. “We want to continue to raise awareness in any way that we can,” says Gaby’s mom Sylvia. “We hope that one day every child will be guaranteed a cure.”

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