Haven Anderson, Neuroblastoma

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

Haven AndersonHaven was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2012, when she was just 2 years old. Her family was shocked by the diagnosis. Haven was just a normal 2-year-old, and now she was thrust into the world of cancer.

Doctors found cancer in her adrenal gland, which required 8 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, MIBG therapy, and a stem cell transplant.

Treatment was a long and difficult road for Haven. After MIBG therapy, Haven started antibody therapy, but developed a kidney disorder, so they had to discontinue treatment.

Haven AndersonDoctors decided that a stem cell transplant was Haven’s best course of treatment, and started preparing her. Haven responded well to the stem cell transplant and now only receives chemotherapy every three weeks!

Haven and her family are now focused on living life to the fullest. They know that while Haven is doing well, she still has a long road in front of her. They are determined to help other kids like Haven by raising funds for their local CureSearch Walk. “Kids can’t do this on their own,” says Erin. “They need help from people like me and all the walkers out there to raise funds and advocate for them.”

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