Holly Frazier, Ultimate Hiker

Holly FrazierFrom participating in the Ultimate Hike to coaching others who are hiking, Holly Frazier is passionate about taking a stand against children’s cancer. She is Going MOM on Cancer in a big way, and will stop at nothing to make a difference in the lives of those affected by children’s cancer.

When one of her friends from college told her that her son had neuroblastoma, Holly felt like she had to do something. Being healthy herself, she couldn’t imagine what it felt like to have a child battling such a horrible disease and have to handle the treatments, hospital stays, and the financial strain. She watched her friend’s son valiantly fight cancer, but lose his battle, and her resolve to raise funds and awareness strengthened.

When she heard about the Ultimate Hike, she knew that it was the perfect event for her.

Holly Frazier“Compared to cancer treatment, the Ultimate Hike seemed like such a small thing,” says Holly. “I wanted to do what I could, and push myself, because I knew that it was making a difference. The Hike showed that I was willing to put myself out there for families like my friend’s.”

After her first Ultimate Hike on the Superior Hiking Trail, Holly was asked to become a coach. She jumped at the opportunity to help others succeed at this endurance event while raising money for children’s cancer research. She is also participating in the inaugural Alumni Challenge Hike on the Foothills Trail this fall. Holly says she keeps coming back to the Hike because of the people she has met and the opportunity to join forces with others who Go MOM on Cancer. They have all been affected by children’s cancer, and will stop at nothing until a cure is found.

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