How to Get Involved During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of September, the entire United States comes together to honor and raise awareness for children and families affected by childhood cancer.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Every one out of eight children that are diagnosed with cancer will not survive.
  • Sixty percent of those who do survive will suffer late term effects such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.

“Childhood cancer is the number one killer of children by disease. And while statistics now show that 83% of the almost 16,000 children diagnosed in the US each year ‘survive’, this does NOT necessarily mean that they are cured and go on to lead healthy lives,” says Laura Thrall, CEO of CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. “We need to find better treatments and cures so that children not only survive their cancers, but go on to live healthy, productive lives.”

You can read more childhood cancer statistics here.

At CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, we are fighting for the future of every child diagnosed with cancer. If you care about our mission, there are many ways that you can join in the fight. Here are a few suggestions:

Leave Your Mark and #MakeItGoldForKids


When you #MakeItGoldForKids, you become part of a powerful movement whose mission is to end children’s cancer. Read this blog post and this blog post for more reasons to join the movement, and then sign up to become a Gold Getter today!

Get Inspired Through Action

Get Inspired Through Action

Join a CureSearch Walk or Hike to to celebrate cancer survivors and pay tribute to those who lost their fight. Get creative and host a walk, 5K or bowl-a-thon through CureSearch Gold. Rally your fellow employees together for a CureSearch Challenge. Volunteer as an individual or group, or even host an interactive Ella party. Whatever action you decide to take, you’ll feel good knowing that your action is helping to end children’s cancer.

Connect with Others by Sharing Your Story

Meet the Superheroes

One of the best ways to raise awareness about children’s cancer is to connect to other people affected by it. If you know a child with cancer, or someone who supports the fight against cancer, share the story with us. You’ll not only become part of the caring CureSearch community, but you’ll also inspire others to find courage and hope.

Shop with Purpose

Shop with CureSearch Partners

If you’re already shopping for back-to-school, or you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift, why not also join the fight to end children’s cancer? By shopping through Amazon Smile, eBay, Love Your Melon, or any of these other brands, you can support the CureSearch mission to find a cure for every child diagnosed with cancer.

Contribute to Finding a Cure

Make It Gold For Kids

By making a single or monthly donation, you are contributing to research that has the potential to save children’s lives.

Now is the time to rally with thousands of others across the U.S. Remember, the actions you take today could help a child with cancer tomorrow. Join the fight this month, and every month.

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