How to Help Children with Cancer Avoid Exposure to Infections

When children go through chemotherapy, their immune system is compromised, making them more vulnerable to infections that can lead to colds, flus and other viruses. As a parent or caregiver of a child with cancer, you want to do everything possible to avoid these infections.

It’s not easy finding a good balance between keeping a child safe and letting them have a normal life that involves school and friends, but it can be done.

Here are five tips that parents and caregivers can follow to help children with cancer avoid exposure to infections:

  1. Wash your hands and cover coughs.
  2. Disinfect surfaces that you touch.
  3. Handle food carefully so you don’t spread germs.
  4. Keep vaccinations up to date.
  5. Maintain good communication between the school and community.

Watch this special video from CureSearch to learn more:

For more tips about helping children stay healthy while on cancer treatment, visit our web page devoted to this topic.

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