John Carpenter, Father

John CarpenterFrom the day of Danielle’s birth, I knew that I would never let anything bad happen to her. I’d protect her. On the day of her diagnosis of Wilms tumor, I found out how helpless I was. Her Mom, Michelle, was the steady hand through treatment and multiple surgeries. Don’t get me wrong, I never gave up, but I was devastated in my inability to act. All I could do was make sure she had the best possible care so she could fight the most important fights of her life.

I always respected the strength and steadiness that my wife, Danielle’s Mom, showed through this terrible journey. It paid off. Today, Danielle is a survivor and their strength inspires me and many others who know Danielle’s story.

Then, I found a path. Danielle’s oncologist pointed us toward CureSearch. After researching CureSearch’s mission and corresponding results, it quickly became clear that this was the single, biggest way for me to focus on beating cancer, not just for Danielle but for other kids like her. I finally found the path for this Dad to go “MOM” on cancer.

Today, “Danielle’s Roses against Childhood Cancer” is the #1 fundraising team for CureSearch in Pittsburgh, second year running. We don’t intend on letting up anytime soon. This Dad is now the local “chair” for the CureSearch Walk in Pittsburgh and I’m going to make sure we continue to advocate for these children that can’t advocate for themselves. This Dad is going to do his job to protect the future of Danielle’s and the many others that need our help!

John Carpenter

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