Julian Haas, Hepatoblastoma

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

Julian HaasJulian was born August 29, 2008. Due to suffering from pulmonary hypertension he was born at 28 weeks, a full 3 months early. Along with the expected complications from the premature birth, Julian also had profound hearing loss. Julian spent his first years deaf. To combat this hearing loss, Julian received cochlear implants.

However, Julian’s struggles were far from over, and on July 28, 2011, Julian was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of pediatric cancer found in the liver. It was another challenge for Julian to overcome. He was started on chemotherapy and his family was told that one day, once his health was stabilized, he would need a liver transplant.

Julian HaasLuckily, his cancer was very responsive to chemotherapy and after Julian completed his second round, he was cleared for a liver transplant. On December 6, 2011 Julian received the gift of a new liver. The transplant surgery started during the morning and ended around midnight.

After the transplant, Julian required two additional cycles of chemotherapy to complete his treatment. The treatment was completed in March 2012, and Julian and his family celebrated by attending their first CureSearch Walk the next month.

Julian HaasBy June of 2012, Julian was able to get his feeding tube removed and started gaining some weight and rejoined his friends at day care.

Julian and his family continue to celebrate his success, but are always weary of the cancer returning. Julian and his team continue to attend the CureSearch walk each year.

Julian is growing up a cancer survivor and organ transplant recipient. It is a lot for a little boy to take on, but his doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City take great care of him.

Now, Julian is focusing on being a spunky little boy and looking forward to starting school. His family is sure that he will be around for a long time, bringing joy to their lives.

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