Maggie Sarbora, Low-Risk B-Cell Leukemia

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

Maggie SarboraMaggie was an energetic and enthusiastic 2 1/2 year old when her parents noticed that she had become very tired. Instead of running around with her friends, she was more content to watch.

Her parents took her to her to the doctor where they performed blood work. Much to Maggie’s mother, Stephanie’s, surprise their doctor told them to head to the hospital right away. Once they arrived, they received news that they never expected, Maggie was diagnosed with low-risk b-cell leukemia.

They started treatment immediately, but it wasn’t always easy. The first month was hard for Maggie and her family. She had to be hospitalized for weeks while her body got used to the chemotherapy. Stephanie was happy when they were finally able to bring Maggie home and away from the hospital.

Maggie SarboraAfter the first month, Maggie entered a new phase of treatment. She returned to the hospital three days a week to receive treatment. In January she started the maintenance phase of therapy, which requires less trips to the hospital. Her family is hopeful that Maggie will complete treatment in August of 2015. Her parents can’t wait to celebrate the end of their journey.

Luckily, Maggie’s prognosis is good. She has responded well and has remained strong throughout treatment. She is lucky because she has not suffered from some of the most common side effects. Her mom is always amazed by how much she enjoys going to the hospital to visit with the nurses and doctors. Maggie even enjoyed being bald!

Now, Maggie is focused on being a normal 3 1/2 year old, playing outside on her playground and visiting her friends. As they get closer to the end of treatment, her family is focused on keeping Maggie healthy and helping other families like theirs.

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