Megan Rodriguez, Sister

Megan RodriguezMegan’s sister, Reagan Joy was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at birth, which shocked her family. They didn’t know very much about cancer, but with the help of the hospital staff, Megan and her family began to understand the diagnosis, treatment process, and what to expect. They began looking for what they could do to help Reagan Joy and stopped at nothing to get the best possible treatment for this newborn baby.

Reagan Joy endured years of treatment, but unfortunately the cancer spread to her brain, and there were no more treatment options available. “I felt angry and sad seeing Reagan Joy being given chemo and having horrible side effects,” says Megan. “Cancer robbed Reagan Joy from our family.”

Regan RodriguezMegan and her family were determined to celebrate Reagan Joy as much as possible as she battled cancer. She had a birthday party and the family spent time together. A month after her birthday, Reagan Joy started having seizures that kept getting worse and worse, she wasn’t eating anymore, and became very lethargic. Her doctors told the family there was nothing more they could do.

So Megan and her parents brought Reagan Joy home and tried to enjoy every minute of the time they had left. Megan found solace in her parents and in CureSearch. She wanted to help raise awareness for others like her sister Reagan Joy, and when she decided to start competing in pageants she knew she wanted to use CureSearch as her volunteer platform. “I choose CureSearch as my platform to spread the word about childhood cancer research, how important it is to raise funds to help find a cure and how many lives can be saved,” explains Megan. “Our family will continue to be proud supporters of CureSearch in honoring the memory of our Reagan Joy and all children battling cancer.”

Though Reagan Joy lost her battle to cancer, Megan says that her spirit lives on. “Reagan Joy touched so many hearts in her short life. She was the strongest and brightest little girl who always had a smile.”

Megan and her family are determined to keep fighting for others like Reagan Joy.

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