September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it is more important than ever to join the fight. CureSearch is one step closer to improving treatments and finding cures to childhood cancer. But with only 4% of government funding dedicated to children’s cancer research, we still need your help to raise awareness and save lives.

Start by updating your profile picture with a gold ribbon. Then, share a photo and story of a cancer superhero in your life. Using #MyCancerSuperhero, head to social media to celebrate anyone from a selfless caretaker to a child cancer fighter whose bravery inspires you. Next, learn how to participate in CureSearch events nationwide. Finally, make a difference by donating. Our research is funded by supporters like you.

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Featured Superheroes

We’ve asked you to share your cancer superhero, and we will do the same. All month we’ll be highlighting some of our courageous superheroes, their stories and why it’s important to join the fight against children’s cancer and too-toxic treatments.

The CureSearch Impact

CureSearch is making a difference.

Impact Report Summer 2017Childhood cancer continues to be the #1 disease killer of children, and in the last 20 years, there have only been three cancer treatments specifically developed and approved for children. This means most children are treated with dose-adjusted adult treatments and that most survivors experience devastating side effects of their too-toxic treatments.

Our goal: to protect the future of children diagnosed with cancer by delivering better, less toxic treatments. We are making great strides with our Catapult strategy, read about it and more in our latest Impact Report.

Our research is made possible by supporters like you. Donate today and make an impact on the future of children facing cancer.

Did You Know?

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