Najat Daw, Doctor

Najat DawWhile Najat Daw, MD was completing her Pediatric residency in Beirut, Lebanon, she had the unique opportunity of working with children with cancer. She saw the incredible skill that was required to care for these patients, and also that there was a need for pediatric oncologists. When it came time for her to find a sub-specialty after her residency, try as she might, she couldn’t stop thinking about all of the cancer patients she had treated. To her, pediatric oncology seemed like the best way for her to really give back and make a difference. Dr. Daw has been Going MOM on Cancer ever since.

Now at MD Anderson, she is glad that she went with her gut and stayed in pediatric oncology. Every day is a little different and challenges her in new ways. Dr. Daw works with a wide variety of patients and really gets to know them. She loves to interact with patients and their families, and feels like it has been a good day if she was able to alleviate some of the pain or anxiety they are experiencing. Dr. Daw will stop at nothing to provide the best care possible.

Dr. Daw saw participating in the CureSearch Walk as the perfect fit to match her passion for excellent care and desire to find new treatments. She describes the Walk as having an “incredible energy, you can’t help but see how important and meaningful it is.” Others at her hospital rallied around the cause and joined her for the Walk, helping to raise critical funds for research. This year, her children came to hear her speak, and are now itching to help in next year’s Walk.

While balancing her job with being a mom is hard, Dr. Daw can’t imagine doing anything else. As a mom, she wants to do anything she can to help families who have been affected by cancer and sees every patient as an extension of her family. Dr. Daw is relentless in the search for cures, whether it’s through her work as a doctor or her dedication to CureSearch, she is fighting hard for the future that every child deserves.

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