Nojan Sheybani, Gold Getter

Nojan SheybaniToday, I am inviting you to become part of a nationwide movement to end children’s cancer – #MakeItGoldForKids. The #MakeItGoldForKids campaign encourages everyone who has been moved by the brave children and families impacted by cancer to show their support this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

My own journey with cancer began after my grandma passed away several years ago. I was distraught. I realized that, while my grandma died of cancer after a long life, there are many who fall victim to the disease at a much younger age. I wanted to know more. I started volunteering at hospitals and gained experience with kids who had been diagnosed with cancer. I saw the pain facing these families and realized the need for a significant investment in finding cures. Last summer, I was offered an internship in a biochemistry lab and conducted my own cancer research. I saw first-hand the critical role of research in finding innovative, new treatments.

CureSearch is working toward a cancer-free future. And I want to do my part. Today, I am an advocate, committed to increasing the involvement of youth in the fight to end children’s cancer. I have created my own non-profit organization, Kids Making a Difference (KidsMD), to make this future a reality.

During the month of September, I’m asking YOU to help drive research for cures. The #MakeItGoldForKids campaign encourages you to take action in ways that work best for you to increase children’s cancer awareness. Here’s what you can do to help save the lives of children today:

  • Make a tribute or memorial gift today in honor of the special child in your life to help drive the search for cures.
  • Visit the #MakeItGoldForKids website to learn simple ways you can increase children’s cancer awareness.
  • Join me and other dedicated individuals fighting passionately for cures by becoming a CureSearch Gold Getter. As a Gold Getter, you’ll share information with colleagues, friends, and family on social media about the fight to find cures.

My hope is that each of you will join me to #MakeItGoldForKids. Together with your help, we can make significant progress toward ending children’s cancer.

Until There Are Cures,
Nojan Sheybani
CureSearch Gold Getter

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