Nolan Redhead, Burkitt’s Lymphoma

5 Years Old at Diagnosis

Nolan RedheadNolan had just had his 5th birthday in 2010 when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma. There are no words to describe the shock of hearing those first words of the diagnosis. As parents, you know you will always worry about hurt feelings, broken bones, academics…never did we ever think about cancer. Some events are a fog and certain places in time are very clear. Not only has our family been burdened with this horrific disease, but the consequences of the aggressive treatment are not clear.

NOLAN IS IN REMISSION, YAY! Most people who have not been through this disease don’t understand that for our family it is a triumph but with so many strings attached. Yes, it is likely that he will be sick again; maybe with cancer, learning disabilities, heart, kidney, or lung disease. He still coughs a lot. And there are sooooo many babies like him.

Nolan was hospitalized quite a bit during his six months of treatment. He endured not only the chemotherapy, but surgeries, infections, incredible nausea, steroids, headaches, bone aches, dystonic and allergic reactions, and transfusions. Most children don’t like even regular immunizations. We live in Upstate New York, while Dad works in CT. Nolan’s older siblings had to stay home alone while Mom stayed in the hospital with Nolan. And on top of that, school started. Our lives were turned upside down. The effects of the economy crashing were just hitting our business, and we had no insurance. There are soooo many families like ours.

After completing first grade with flying colors, Nolan is starting his summer with staying up late, frisbee, mud, and lots of sunshine! He is healthy and happy today; we are so appreciative and fortunate to have him! Nolan is in the FBI and is all about weapons, secret missions and camo. His therapy is being a pen pal to several cancer friends. He is an awesome kid that we just couldn’t do without!!

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