PÜR Cosmetics to Donate Portion of Purchases to Help CureSearch

We are pleased to announce a partnership with PÜR cosmetics through BeautyKind. PÜR, a leader in the skincare and makeup industry, is partnering with CureSearch by donating 5% back as we fight to end children’s cancer. The CureSearch team is proud to partner with an organization who shares our passion for helping children live their longest, healthiest lives.

PUR Cosmetics Partnership

We sat down with PÜR representative Julie Campbell, Vice President of Marketing, to hear more on why they felt it was important to join in the fight against children’s cancer.

Why did PÜR Cosmetics choose to partner with CureSearch?
We fell in love with the CureSearch concept of funding childhood cancer research with a focus on discovering less toxic treatments.

Have you learned something about childhood cancer that surprises you or inspired you to get involved in the cause?
Yes, I am so excited to learn that the survival rate of childhood cancer is nearly 90 percent today compared to just 10 percent fifty years ago. While it’s fantastic such strides have been made to keep children alive, I am sad to hear that so often the patient’s quality of later life has been compromised due to problems related to toxic cancer treatments.

What would you tell someone who may not think that their support of CureSearch would make a difference?
I would tell them that we, as a community, can and should do better for our children and future generations. The first step is battling the disease and the second step is to ensure survivors can live long, healthy lives. With CureSearch, both can be made possible.

If you had to describe PUR Cosmetics (43 characters or less) what would it say?
PÜR is beauty – PÜR and Simple. We formulate our makeup and skincare products with responsible standards by concentrating as much on the ingredients that we leave out, as we put in. Our formulas are free of toxins such as talc, parabens, mineral oil and petroleum.

What makes you most proud to be a part of the PÜR team?
I am most proud to be a part of a team that has literally built this brand from the ground up on solid beliefs and values. As a brand described as “makeup with a purpose”, all products are formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients that not only help to cover imperfections but also help to enhance the skin’s health.

To launch this partnership, PÜR Cosmetics is offering an opportunity to receive a free $25 gift card to use on PUR cosmetics via beautykind.us. To make this offer even more special, BeautyKind will donate 5% of purchases with any PÜR product to help CureSearch fund innovative childhood cancer research.

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