JaniyahBecome a CureSearch CUREsader to help fight for cures for children’s cancer! CureSearch CUREsaders provide ongoing support to fund novel and innovative cancer research with automated monthly or quarterly gifts. Monthly giving is one of the best ways to support CureSearch. It ensures consistent funds are available to invest in research and assist thousands of families facing children’s cancer diagnoses each year.

So, How Does It Work?

Giving is easy. Simply choose the size of your gift, and we handle the rest! Begin by setting up your recurring gift online or via phone by calling (240) 235-2202. Each month or quarter, your contribution is transferred from your credit card or bank account directly to CureSearch. You are always in control of your giving and can increase, decrease or suspend your donations at any time.

What Will My Gift Do?

Your continuing support goes directly toward funding research, education resources and support for families. Even small recurring gifts make a huge impact.

CureSearch CUREsader

Become a CureSearch CUREsader today! ($10 minimum monthly contribution required).

Our Commitment To You

As a CUREsader, you are one of our most loyal donors, and we value your continued commitment to finding better treatments and cures for children’s cancer. CureSearch will acknowledge your donations with an annual statement at the beginning of the year listing all gifts made during the previous year for tax purposes. CUREsaders also receive invitations to CureSearch events and updates.


Please contact Donor Services at donorservices@curesearch.org or (240) 235-2202 with any questions about becoming a CureSearch CUREsader.

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