Sarah Hoffmann, Ultimate Hiker

Sarah HoffmannWhen a friend of Sarah Hoffmann’s told her about his Ultimate Hike experience, she knew she had to give it a shot. She had hiked part of the Appalachian Trail in the past, and thought that the Ultimate Hike was the perfect challenge for her.

She signed up for the Pacific Crest Trail Ultimate Hike, and started training immediately. She enjoyed the camaraderie that came from the hours of training and while it was difficult, she remembered the children going through cancer treatment and that helped her push through.

When the day of the Hike came, Sarah knew that she could complete the rigorous trail. “The Ultimate Hike is the ultimate test of endurance and mental commitment,” explains Sarah. “It is always a physical challenge to do that mileage but more importantly it is a test of mental strength as well.”

Sarah HoffmannShe pushed through the cold and even the snow that fell throughout the day and completed the 20-mile trail. “Keep in mind, you can always do more than you think you are capable of,” says Sarah. “It’s more important that you know that you have the support of the people around you sharing the experience. They will keep you moving and help you along the way.” Sarah is already looking forward to her next Ultimate Hike and hopes that others will join her.

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