Seth Dujakovich, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

8 Years Old at Diagnosis

Seth Smiles:

Seth DujakovichThe youngest of five, Seth has always been easy going and has never met someone he didn’t like. Born with Down Syndrome, Seth was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at 8-years-old.

Despite this diagnosis, Seth was always happy. His mom says that while Seth was more likely to have ALL because of his Down Syndrome, the “always happy” personality that comes along with Down’s makes Seth incredibly resilient.

Seth DujakovichThroughout the time he spent in the hospital, he always asked for a hug when he met someone new, and often called his time with his nurses “dates.”

Seth underwent six rounds of chemotherapy, an extended stay at the hospital, daily injections, and countless medications. Throughout treatment, because Seth always stayed positive, his parents had to as well. Even if they were having a bad day at the hospital, or treatment didn’t seem to be working, they kept a smile on their face for Seth. His incredible attitude spread throughout the hospital and helped Seth reach the end of treatment in November of 2012.

Now in fifth grade, Seth is an active boy who loves cheering on his brothers and sister at their sporting events, and is training for the Special Olympics. He is constantly learning new things at school, and loves his teachers and friends.

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