Sheridan Bautista, Osteosarcoma

7 Years Old at Diagnosis

Sheridan BautistaIn March of 2011, Sheridan Bautista was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of seven. Doctors found a tumor located above her left knee that encompassed 75% of her femur. She immediately started chemotherapy in preparation for a revolutionary limb salvage surgery where 75% of her femur was removed and replaced with an implant that would grow with her, without the need for lengthening surgeries. The surgery was a complete success and started her road to recovery. Through physical therapy and a lot of determination, Sheridan was able to walk just 3 months after her surgery.

Before her diagnosis Sheridan was an active girl who was involved with competitive dance, gymnastics, and softball. She always strove to be kind and say what was on her mind. Even throughout her treatment, this spirit continued. Sheridan was also someone who wanted to help others and would do whatever she could to make them smile.

While at the hospital, Sheridan and her family learned about the CureSearch Walk and Sheridan immediately knew she wanted to get involved. She worked hard to recruit team members and raise funds – her determination lead to her team raising $7,000. The day after her 8th birthday, Sheridan walked in the Oklahoma City CureSearch Walk, an incredible feat just months after surgery. She was so excited to be a part of the event and receive her survivor medal.

Sheridan BautistaUnfortunately, several months later, Sheridan’s cancer returned and on the 8th of December 2011, Sheridan lost her battle with osteosarcoma. Her family decided to honor Sheridan’s memory by walking in the 2012 Oklahoma City CureSearch Walk and raised more than $10,000 for children’s cancer research. This year, they hope to do even more through school fundraisers, social media, and word of mouth. With the motto that every little bit helps, Sheridan’s family plans to make a big impact on children’s cancer research so that one day, every child is guaranteed a cancer free future.

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