Silas Edenfield, Hepatoblastoma

3 Years Old at Diagnosis

Silas EdenfieldAs 4 year old Silas Edenfield battled hepatoblastoma, one of his wishes was for everyone to paint their nails gold to raise awareness about children’s cancer. He started with his own nails, and his 3 brothers, parents, and family painted their nails, too. Then, as friends came to visit, they would pick up one of the various shades of gold nail polish on the family’s table and paint their nails.

When Silas’ mom, Jessica, posted his wish to Facebook it went viral! In just a few weeks, people all over the United States were painting their nails gold and posting to Silas’ Facebook page. Silas’ page suddenly had 40,000 fans – more people than live in his county in Georgia! “We could not believe how many people were helping to spread the word,” says Jessica. “There was even a school in London, England that painted their nails and posted photos!”

Silas was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer, in February 2012. He was treated at Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA by Martin Johnston, MD, a physician who is described by Silas’ parents as especially wonderful because he relates as both a physician and the parent of a child who had cancer. Still, Silas’ strain of hepatoblastoma was particularly rare and despite bravely enduring surgery and chemotherapy for more than a year, Silas passed on May 25, 2013 just days before he would have turned five.

Silas EdenfieldSilas’ parents, Jessica and Archie, understand that sadly, other children will be diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. Not only did they donate Silas’ liver and tissue to researchers and are continuing to support research initiatives, they will also be painting their nails gold for the month of September, and encouraging everyone else to do the same.

Join Silas’s family, CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, and thousands of people across the country this September and paint your nails gold to spread awareness and raise funds for children’s cancer research.

Looking for the perfect gold? We suggest Hope is Golden or Gold Today Save Tomorrow. Created especially for CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, for each bottle of Colour Gossip’s colors Hope is Golden and Gold Today Save Tomorrow sold retail or wholesale, a portion of the sale is donated to CureSearch to help us continue to fund children’s cancer research. Order your bottle today!

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