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What is the CureSearch Catapult Impact Fund?

Posted: June 28, 2017

This is the fourth post in our “Introduction to Catapult” series on the blog. Each week we will highlight a new Catapult topic so you can better understand this groundbreaking strategy.

If you take a look at the CureSearch research pipeline (below), you’ll see that we fund the very best academic research through our Young Investigator program (early-stage discovery) and Acceleration Initiative (translational research) – both of which accelerate research toward the clinic.

The Catapult Impact Fund – part of our groundbreaking Catapult strategy – will support the next stage along the research continuum – catapulting great research out of the lab and into Phase I/II pediatric clinical trials.

CureSearch Catapult Strategy Infographic

The Catapult Impact Fund is designed as an evergreen fund – one that replenishes itself through return on ‘invested’ philanthropic dollars (ROI).

CureSearch is building a $100M philanthropic fund to support high-potential, clinic-ready research. CureSearch will arm researchers with funding, knowledge, and connections in the pursuit of better, less toxic children’s cancer treatments.

Through each Catapult Award, we are uniquely negotiating grant agreements to incorporate revenue-sharing components. Any financial return CureSearch sees from these projects will be reinvested into the Catapult strategy and future research.

Through this ‘evergreen’ funding, CureSearch will build a sustainable revenue stream to fund our work many years into the future.

That means continuously driving research to advance better, less toxic treatments to ensure children with cancer live longer, healthier lives.

Help us advance better, less toxic treatments for children with cancer by donating toward Catapult’s lifesaving strategy. Give today so these children can survive and live longer, healthier lives tomorrow.

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