Asking Friends for Help

TCP6421-300x199When a child is diagnosed with cancer, there is often an immediate outpouring of support from friends and community members wanting to help, often in the form of gifts for the child, calls to check-in, and food delivered to the family’s home.  Such support is wonderful, and greatly appreciated, but it may or may not be what is needed, and it often trickles off once the initial shock of the diagnosis has been accepted and a “new normal” of settling into treatment routines is established for the family.

So, how does a family ask for the support it needs, when it is needed. At CureSearch, we’ve worked hard to develop content for you about asking for help.  It may be that you don’t need food, but you need someone to go cheer for another child’s soccer game.  Or, maybe you and your spouse really need a “date night.” Or, perhaps you need someone else to update your child’s blog or Caring Bridge page during an especially busy and or difficult phase of treatment.

Whatever it is, we invite you to visit for ideas and suggestions about how and what to ask for friends and neighbors. You’ll be amazed how responsive people are if you simply ask!

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