Muddy Puddles

‘Muddy Puddles’: Making a Mess to Honor Kids Who Fight Cancer

( – After Cindy and Lou Campbell lost their 5-year-old son Ty to cancer, they created the “Muddy Puddles” project in his honor to celebrate kids who’ve faced the disease. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports for our Hope to It series on “Mess-Fest,” a unique way to celebrate special kids and raise money for pediatric cancer …

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Rick Chaloupka

Rick Chaloupka, Father

Five years ago, my son Kyle started having stomach aches. The doctor suspected lactose intolerance or Crohn’s disease, but as Kyle continued to lose weight and appetite, his doctor ordered a colonoscopy. He was a skinny, 58-pound 10 year old. It was later that day that we received the devastating news. The colonoscopy revealed enlarged …

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Paula Duntley

Paula Duntley, Mother

When Paula found out about CureSearch’s T-shirt design contest, she thought that this would be a great way to use her graphic design skills to help celebrate and honor children who are diagnosed with cancer. She considers Helena her hero, so the theme of “Heroes come in all sizes” came easily to her. Paula’s design …

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Megan Rodriguez

Megan Rodriguez, Sister

Megan’s sister, Reagan Joy was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at birth, which shocked her family. They didn’t know very much about cancer, but with the help of the hospital staff, Megan and her family began to understand the diagnosis, treatment process, and what to expect. They began looking for what they could do to help Reagan …

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John Carpenter

John Carpenter, Father

From the day of Danielle’s birth, I knew that I would never let anything bad happen to her. I’d protect her. On the day of her diagnosis of Wilms tumor, I found out how helpless I was. Her Mom, Michelle, was the steady hand through treatment and multiple surgeries. Don’t get me wrong, I never …

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Jen Roney

Jen Roney, Mother

Tyler’s diagnosis with rhabdomyosarcoma in 2012, at 6 years old, was a huge shock for his parents. Before he started showing symptoms, he had never missed a day of school. Before Tyler was diagnosed, his face became paralyzed and doctors couldn’t figure out why. After many tests, they finally found that he had a tumor …

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Jasmin Velasquez

Jasmin Velasquez, Mother

Jasmin Velasquez’s son Carmelo was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just two years old. What started as breathing spells during which he held his breath for long stretches of time, turned into lethargy, bruising easily, and high fevers. After many tests with no conclusive results, his doctors concluded it was a viral infection, but …

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