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CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Knox

August 26, 2020

Knox Thomas was born on September 10, 2011. Around the time Knox was 6 months old, I started getting concerned that something was wrong with him because he would not sit up. But he was pulling himself up and doing everything else an almost 7 month old baby should be doing. I remember saying something […]

CureSearch Walk Heroes – A Story of Two Sisters

August 26, 2020

This story is about two sisters. Bridget is 14 years old and just celebrated 11 years off treatment for Pleuropulmonary Blastoma. When Bridget was two, she was diagnosed with this very rare form of genetic lung cancer. At that time I was pregnant with her little sister, Anna, so the genetic part stuck out to […]

CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Bryce

August 26, 2020

Our little boy went from a happy, healthy toddler, to fighting for his life in just a couple short weeks. We spent most of the next almost four months at Children’s hospital in Minneapolis while Bryce underwent intense treatment. He fought with such courage and strength, all the while bringing joy and love to everyone […]

CureSearch Walk Heroes – Arianna

August 26, 2020

Arianna Destiny is a typical 13-year-old teenager finishing her last year of middle school. We have been involved with CureSearch for 10 years now with the first walk being the same year she finished her treatment. We walk each year so that researchers can find a cure and better treatments. Arianna was diagnosed with Wilm’s […]

CureSearch Walk Heroes – Tyler

August 26, 2020

Born in 2009, Tyler was a healthy toddler. When he was three years old, we noticed he was constantly rubbing his eyes. So I made an appointment for him to see an optometrist. The doctor saw Tyler and not much was said other than come back in a year, and your son is fine. Six […]

CureSearch Walk Heroes – David

August 24, 2020

David was diagnosed with a stage 3 Wilms Tumor when he was 16 months old. He had surgery to remove the tumor and the kidney that it was attached to. Following surgery David endured 6 radiation treatments and had 28 weeks of Chemotherapy. Because of the treatments, he also needed physical therapy. David is a […]

CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Kevin Linder

August 24, 2020

Kevin was a very typical boy, who could be heard long before he was seen.  He was constantly imitating noises, from cars and truck sounds, to characters in Star Wars, Cars, or other favorite TV shows and movies.  He also rarely sat still, and if he was moving, he was running.  He loved playing with […]

CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Colton

August 24, 2020

Colton W. Kopcinski was a vibrant, silly, healthy little boy living in Harrisonburg, VA with his family in 2017. He loved playing outside with his little brother and big sister, was in first grade, and was full of life and love. He loved Pokémon, Beyblades, art and music, math, jokes, and building things. He was […]

CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Taylor Grace, an open letter from a mother

August 19, 2020

Our family is one of so many affected by childhood cancer. Our firstborn daughter, Taylor Grace, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at 18 months.  Taylor was such an incredible little girl. She had a special sparkle in her eyes and touchedthe hearts of all who knew her. Taylor loved to learn, she cared so much for […]

CureSearch Walk Heroes – Walking and Giving Back in Honor of Peyton

August 7, 2020

Meet Peyton, a childhood cancer survivor and one of the many reasons we’ll come together and raise funds through this year’s virtual United CureSearch Walk. Peyton was diagnosed with high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at just ten years old and underwent a long and harsh treatment process for more than three years, with complications, infections, […]

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