Arindam Dhar, MBBS, MD, PhD

Clinical Development Lead, Cancer Epigenetics

Arindam Dhar

Arindam Dhar is an Executive Medical Director at Glaxo Smith Kline, Pennsylvania, and serves as the Clinical Development Leader for their Cancer Epigenetics Program. He leads a team of physicians and clinical scientists in the development of 4 novel assets, providing strategic leadership for development of the cancer epigenetic clinical portfolio. He also serves as the medical lead for their expanding bromodomain inhibitor program. Many pediatric cancers have epigenetic modifications that are target for therapy with these assets as single agents and in combination. Before joining GSK in 2013, Arindam was Medical Director at Bristol Myers Squibb working in their early and late development programs for six years. Prior to that, he was with the Interagency Oncology Task Force, a joint NCI-FDA program.

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