Catapult Advisory Council

Bard Geesaman, MD, PhD

Managing Director, Oncology Impact Fund
MPM Capital

Dr. Bard Geesaman

Bard Geesaman, MD, PhD, has been affiliated with MPM and associated portfolio companies since 2002. With broad experience investing, operating and facilitating business development globally, including in Japan, China and Israel, Bard is a Managing Director of MPM’s Oncology Impact Fund (OIF) and serves as Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).

Prior to MPM, Bard founded Catalyst Medical Solutions, a medical documentation and billing eHealth company in Boston where he served as the Chief Technology Officer through the company’s acquisition. After Catalyst, Bard joined Centagenetix, an MPM-founded company exploring the genetics of successful aging.

In 2006, Bard joined MPM as a Venture Partner with a major focus on founding Solasia Pharmaceuticals, based in Tokyo, Japan. Bard is also the co-founder and a board member of MPM healthcare IT startup TriNetX (big data analytics for clinical trials). Bard is passionate about innovation in health care, and in 2008 took a two year sabbatical from MPM to do non-profit work in Los Angeles at the X-Prize Foundation, where he worked on alternative models for motivating life sciences innovation.

He received a BS in neuroscience from UC Berkeley followed by concurrent degrees from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with his PhD work focused on systems and computational neurobiology. Bard finished his medical training by completing a three-year medical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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