Jeanie Pham, CureSearch Walker

Jeanie PhamJeanie and her friends heard about CureSearch when their Student Leaders for Service Advisor at Portland University in Oregon told them about an opportunity to help children with cancer. It seemed perfect, combining their love of helping the community and bringing people together. “I love the excitement and doing something for others I know will make an impact and I love to bring people together that usually wouldn’t come together,” explains Jeanie. So, she and her friends began to help plan and promote the Portland CureSearch Walk.

Jeanie PhamShe and her friends dove in head first and worked hard to make the event a success. Planning wasn’t always easy; Jeanie had to realize that she cannot do everything herself. She had to rely on her friends to motivate others, to host recruiting events, and to hold fundraisers. Overall, the experience allowed her to grow and learn more about her strengths and weaknesses. “My favorite part about planning the walk is getting people excited for an event, working with my friends, and just planning for a great cause,” says Jeanie.

She and her friends couldn’t wait for Saturday, August 10, 2013. “What I looked forward to most was seeing the children with cancer smile and laugh and enjoy the walk, because we all did it for them,” explains Jeanie. All of their hard work paid off, as 350 people walked and raised $36,000 for children’s cancer research!

Jeanie and her friends are already thinking about next year and what they can do to raise more funds and awareness. They hope that one day soon, every child with be guaranteed a cure.

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