Hubert Caron, MD, PhD

Hubert Caron, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Director

Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Hubert Caron, MD, PhD, Principal Medical Director of Pediatric Oncology at Roche, Basel and Research Professor at AMC, Amsterdam.

Dr. Caron is trained as a pediatric oncologist and worked in clinical practice and academic research until recently. He joined Roche in 2014 and became the Global Development Team Lead within the iPODD pediatric oncology team, which is responsible for the pediatric clinical and regulatory development of the Roche Genentech oncology portfolio in the iMATRIX trial structure to bring new and life-saving therapies to children with cancer. He has implemented a preclinical pediatric screening platform in Roche to support rational Mechanism-of-Action based development of the Roche Genentech anticancer drugs in the "best matching" pediatric cancers. Furthermore, he is co-leading an IMI2 EU research consortium, consisting of a public-private partnership of 11 academic institutions, 3 SMEs and 5 pharmaceutical companies, to develop a large PDX preclinical testing platform for 10 high risk pediatric cancer types.

He holds a full professorship in pediatric oncology at the AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands and is a principal investigator for several tumor-biology-driven preclinical translational research projects. He established a very active 'late effect' research group in his department. He was also actively involved in projects in evidence-based medicine and in quality of care.

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