Accelerating Cures to Save Kids Now - Summer 2018 Impact Report

Message from our CEO

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Every dollar granted for cancer research, every event, every partnership and every resource provided is intended to create a bright and healthy future for our most precious people— our kids.

In the last 20 years, only four cancer treatments have been developed and approved specifically for children. That is why we have made it our number one priority to expedite novel therapies out of the lab and into the clinic and marketplace to the children, parents and families who are counting on us.

As part of our commitment to expediting treatments, we are proud to announce our first-ever Catapult Award grant recipient. With this nearly $1 million grant, a cutting-edge study will be executed—one that may significantly improve long-term survival rates and reduce toxicity in pediatric glioma patients. This grant, along with our other research programs, funds the most promising therapies—those that are engineered for future approval and commercialization.

With your support, we continue to fund impactful research, provide resources to families and convene the partnerships needed to give every child diagnosed with cancer the chance to lead a long, healthy life. Thank you for helping us to advance childhood cancer treatments and cures.

Kay Koehler
Kay Koehler
CEO, CureSearch for Children's Cancer

Meet Kay Koehler, CureSearch CEO

In February 2018, the CureSearch Board of Directors named Kay Koehler as the new CEO of CureSearch. Previously serving as Chief Development Officer, Koehler has been a critical part of the CureSearch management team, responsible for the leadership of CureSearch’s donor relations, fundraising and marketing and communications efforts, and effecting sweeping changes to position the organization for success. She has more than 25 years of executive management experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Kay Koehler, CEO

CureSearch Research Strategy Updates


Bringing New Treatments to Market

In the last six months, we announced large-scale grants for ground-breaking children’s cancer research. Our research strategy continues to encompass the most promising projects with one end goal in mind: getting new, less-toxic treatments to the children who need it most.

Research Difference

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Young Investigators Research Program

In July, CureSearch announced Dr. Loretta Li of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Dr. Avery Posey of the University of Pennsylvania as 2018 Young Investigator award recipients. They were collectively awarded $450,000 over three years.

Young Investigators Researchers

Our Young Investigator program encourages promising scientists to stay in the field by providing significant financial support to investigators early in their research career. Young Investigator Awards fund high-potential research engineered for future drug development and commercialization.

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Acceleration Initiative Research Program

The Acceleration Initiative program invests in the best, most innovative translational pediatric cancer research with the highest potential to break new ground in the field.

Current Acceleration Initiative Grantees:

Acceleration Initiative Researchers

Acceleration Initiative Impact as of July 2018

Acceleration Impact Pipeline
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CureSearch’s Cumulative Impact

Together, we are catapulting cures through the research pipeline, into clinical trials and to drug development where they will ultimately reach kids.

Our impact is measured by the progress we’ve made to advance clinical trials and treatments. See our progress by the numbers:

CureSearch's Cumulative Impact

Researcher Highlight

CureSearch Convenes Top Leaders at Catapult Summit

In May, CureSearch hosted the third annual Catapult Summit at MIT, convening top leaders in research, academia, venture capital, business and international partners. This flagship Summit identifies and addresses the barriers that exisit in pediatric cancer research and drug development. CureSearch is dedicated to creating the partnerships and ecosystem needed to drive better, less-toxic treatments for children’s cancer.

Key Summit outcomes include:

  • Renewing our focus on partner relationships to help fill gaps in pediatric cancer ecosystem, nationally and internationally.

  • Taking a non-traditional approach by aligning academic oncology research with industry development efforts earlier in the drug development process and convening key stakeholders to execute.

  • Driving our research strategy by funding top-tier pediatric cancer projects.

CureSearch Summit 2018

On the Ground Experts

Thank you to our Catapult Summit sponsors:

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Gilead logos

Thank you to our world-class Advisory Councils

CureSearch continues to leverage the support of our world-class advisory councils—a panel of experts who represent key industries to help guide our research programs and strategy.

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2018 CureSearch Fundraising Campaigns

Ultimate Hike Fundraising Campaign

These funds, and every dollar that our event participants continue to raise, support our mission to advance children’s cancer research.

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As of July 2018:

CureSearch Ultimate Hike logoThis spring, our Foothills and Canaan Mountain Backcountry hikers raised over $240,000 to kick off our 2018 Ultimate Hike program. Join us this year for one of our upcoming hikes on the country’s most beautiful trails.CureSearch Ultimate Hike
CureSearch Superheroes UniteCureSearch Superheroes Unite logo2018 Superheroes Unite! walks are happening across the country, with Omaha and southwest Michigan kicking things off in June. Learn more about an upcoming walk near you and form a team, become a sponsor or volunteer to help at these family-friendly community events.
CureSearch Gold logoOur supporters continue to find creative ways to “go gold” for children’s cancer with our CureSearch DIY Gold program, which has raised more than $50,000 to date in 2018. Our largest Gold event is the annual Advantage Hair Salon BBQ and Auction, held near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which raised more than $20,000. Learn more about ways to go gold for children's cancer.CureSearch Gold

Your Resources

Millions of people have connected with CureSearch for instantly available resources, tools and information about children’s cancer. Included in these are:

Your Resources

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Our Generous Partners

Our work would not be possible without the extraordinary support of the following partners, including their generous employees and customers:

Catapult Partners

Acerta Pharma

Research Grant Partners

Mathile Family Foundation
Corn Endowment (Georgia Regents University)

Co-funding Partners

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
Alan B. Slifka Foundation
Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research

Corporate Partners

Love Your Melon, Kiewit, QBE Shootout, ebay for charity, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, CWF, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, The Mighty and Hallmark

CureSearch Mission

Our mission is to end children’s cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

CureSearch Vision

Advance better, less-toxic treatments to ensure all children with cancer live long, healthy lives.

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