Acceleration Initiative – An Outcome Driven Approach

Through the Acceleration Initiative (AI), launched in 2013, CureSearch has broken new ground in the children’s cancer research field — allowing us to transcend the barriers of a broken system and establish a new pathway to end childhood cancer.

The $10 million Acceleration Initiative elicits and invests in the best, most innovative pediatric cancer research. We bring together the brightest thought leaders in the field today to agree to the areas of greatest challenge in children’s cancer research. We then target specific grants to resolve those challenges and accelerate the search for cures.

All AI projects are marked by the following characteristics:

  • Highly innovative with the potential to break new ground in the field
  • Probability of clinical application (i.e. ready to reach patients within 3 years — an accelerated time frame)
  • Help overcome scientific and therapeutic roadblocks to speed up the delivery of promising interventions (i.e. transcends a broken system to end childhood cancer)
Acceleration Initiative Cumulative Impacts

Acceleration Initiative – Active PROJECTS

Acceleration Initiative – COMPLETED PROJECTS

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