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CureSearch for Children’s Cancer’s mission is to end children’s cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

Recent News

Nicole Ver Kuilen, Osteosarcoma

8 Years Old at Diagnosis. Nicole Ver Kuilen, 26, has always been on the move. A lifelong athlete, she hasn't let the setbacks of childhood cancer and a leg amputation stop her from living an active lifestyle. And today, she is running, swimming, and biking down the...

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A New Hope for Children’s Cancer Cures

Each year, nearly 16,000 children under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer. Breakthroughs have been scarce, with little government funding for research and few clinical trials for new treatments, these children are often left behind. But a parent whose child is...

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CureSearch Events

CureSearch Superheroes Unite! brings together superheroes and sidekicks to honor kids with cancer and celebrate forever heroes.
Ultimate Hike is a life changing, lifesaving adventure! Accomplish a once-in-a-lifetime goal while funding important research.
CureSearch Gold gives you the ability create your own event to support finding cures.
CureSearch Challenge empowers supporters of all athletic ability to go the distance and help end children’s cancer.

Did You Know?

What We Fund

CureSearch Promise


For more than 25 years, CureSearch has been a leader in funding children’s cancer research. CureSearch will accelerate the cure for children’s cancer by driving innovation, eliminating research barriers, and solving the field’s most intractable problems.

Clinical Trials

Among adults, less than 5% of those with cancer are enrolled in clinical trials. Yet for children, more than 60% of those with cancer participate in some form of clinical trial. CureSearch supports clinical trials that show promise in making a difference for children with cancer, today.

Resources for Families

CureSearch provides a wide variety of medical information, clinical videos, webinars, a CancerCare app, and other resources for patients, parents, siblings, extended family members, friends, neighbors, teachers and many others who care about a child with cancer.

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