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Join our mission to protect the future of every child diagnosed with cancer and donate today.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer’s mission is to end children’s cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

Recent News

Love Your Melon takes on the Ultimate Hike

Love Your Melon takes on the Ultimate Hike Nothing says a commitment to partnership quite like getting the team together and lacing up your boots to hike more than 25 miles – and that’s exactly what our partners Love Your Melon did for our Superior Hiking Trail...

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Taking a Hike for Pediatric Cancer

Taking a Hike for Pediatric Cancer ( Recently, a team from Love Your Melon took on the challenge of the CureSearch Ultimate Hike in support of our partner, CureSearch for Children's Cancer. The Ultimate Hike is CureSearch's program that gives...

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CureSearch Research Strategy

CureSearch’s game-changing research strategy that directly addresses the largest obstacles impeding children’s cancer medical progress. We won’t stop until more and better children’s cancer treatments are out of the lab and into the clinic and marketplace, where they can help the kids who need it most.

Watch the video filmed during our annual Catapult Summit to learn more about the importance of our strategy:

CureSearch Events

CureSearch Superheroes Unite!
CureSearch Superheroes Unite! events bring together communities to honor kids with cancer and celebrate forever heroes.
Ultimate Hike
Ultimate Hike is a life changing, lifesaving adventure! Accomplish a once-in-a-lifetime goal while funding important research.
CureSearch Gold
CureSearch DIY Gold gives you the ability create your own event to support children’s cancer research.
CureSearch Challenge
CureSearch Challenge empowers supporters of all athletic ability to go the distance and help end children’s cancer.

Did You Know?

More than 40000 children are in cancer treatment each year
1 out of 8 children with cancer will not survive

What We Fund

CureSearch Promise

For 30 years, CureSearch has been a leader in funding children’s cancer research. CureSearch’s research strategy drives children’s cancer treatments out of the lab and into clinical trials and to the market place to save kids NOW. Learn more.

CureSearch supports clinical trials that show promise in making a difference for children with cancer. Learn more about how we push research through our Catapult Awards program.

CureSearch provides a wide variety of medical information, clinical videos, webinars, a CancerCare app, and other resources for patients, parents, family members, friends, teachers and many others who care about a child with cancer.

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