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Our Research Strategy

Introduction to Catapult Strategy

CureSearch launched a game-changing strategy that directly addresses the largest obstacles impeding medical progress. Our research strategy was brought forth to address two major problems that exist today:

Problems with lack of cancer treatments for children

At CureSearch, we are driven to deliver better treatments for children NOW. Children deserve access to cancer-curing therapies made for their little bodies. They deserve a life without destructive side effects or secondary diseases. They deserve to live the rest and best of their lives.

CureSearch recognizes we need to change a broken system. We have the key players in place and your fundraising dollars will help us get there. Donate to support our strategy that accelerates treatments.

To accomplish our research vision, we created the Catapult Strategy.

The CureSearch Difference

We're doing things differently to change the status quo in the pediatric cancer realm. Through the Catapult Strategy:

  • We break down barriers by bringing together groups that traditionally don’t work together – scientists, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies (like the FDA) – with one mutual end goal: new, safer treatments to kids.
  • Dollars raised are put towards early-stage research, translational research and pediatric cancer clinical trials with the highest potential so treatments can be fast tracked to children.
  • We support researchers through funding, as well as through guidance, knowledge, and relationships to navigate the regulatory environment and clinical trials network to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Catapult Strategy Research Programs

The Research Funding Pipeline

Our research programs are focused on saving kids. We identify and fund high-potential research projects with an aggressive timeline to meet our end goal — developing treatments to save kids now. We do this through our:

  • Young Investigators portfolio where we provide seed funding for bright researchers, early in their careers, pursuing exciting novel ideas.
  • Acceleration Initiative program which addresses the largest obstacles in children's cancer research, driving translational research to the clinic.
  • Catapult Awards that advance the strongest research into clinical trials and ultimately drug development.
  • CureSearch won't stop until more and better children's cancer treatments are out of the lab and into the clinic and commercialization, ensuring more children live long, healthy and productive lives.

    CureSearch Research FAQs

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    What is the Catapult Strategy?
    How does Catapult Strategy work?
    How is Catapult Strategy different?
    How does our strategy break down barriers?
    Who funds the Catapult Strategy?
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    Why now?
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    How can I help?
    Where can researchers apply for funding?
    What is next for Catapult?

    Contact Us

    Interested in learning more about the CureSearch Catapult Strategy? Email National Director, Business Development Kelli Wright.

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