At CureSearch, our goal is to break through research barriers and deliver better treatment options, giving children the chance to lead the long, healthy lives they deserve.  For 30 years, CureSearch has played a vital role in pushing forward research breakthroughs in pediatric oncology.  Our game-changing research strategy address two major problems that exist today:

Problems with lack of cancer treatments for children

We’re changing the status quo:

  • Our research is focused on saving kids. We identify and fund high-potential research projects with an aggressive timeline to meet our end goal: developing treatments to save kids now.
  • CureSearch requires milestones, measures progress and demands accountability from our researchers to deliver patient-centered outcomes.
  • CureSearch is armed with the best-in-class councils advising with scientific and industry expertise to ensure research is engineered to advance to the marketplace.

CureSearch Research Programs

Our three research programs fund the most promising projects at all stages of the research pipeline, working to propel new treatment through the research pipeline and into the marketplace as quickly as possible:

  • CureSearch Young Investigators program provides seed funding for bright researchers, early in their careers, pursuing exciting novel ideas.
  • CureSearch Acceleration Initiative addresses the largest obstacles in children’s cancer research, driving translational research to the clinic.
  • CureSearch Catapult Awards advance the strongest research into clinical trials and ultimately drug development.

CureSearch won’t stop until more and better children’s cancer treatments are out of the lab and into the clinic and commercialization, ensuring more children live long, healthy and productive lives.

For information on applying for a CureSearch research award, please complete this form.

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