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Through our research programs, we are addressing the barriers that are preventing safer treatments from reaching children. We drive results that will help children in a clinical trial now, not 10-20 years in the future. We support researchers to the point at which an Investigational New Drug (IND) application can be filed and clinical trials opened for pediatric patients. We support international research because the next game-changing therapeutic development could be made outside of the United States and international collaborative projects can pull together the greatest minds for the development of the most effective cures. And, we catapult research into a clinical trial and potential commercialization, the point at which treatments become broadly available to patients.

Through our Catapult Awards, we fund game-changing clinical trials – projects with established commercial potential that will impact patients in the clinic today and potentially provide a new, better standard of care for children everywhere. These critical awards push forward high-potential research into clinical trials and ultimately drug development.

Catapult Awards – Active PROJECTS

Catapult Awards will provide funding support up to $2.5 million for a two- to three-year award period for ‘clinic-ready’ projects.

The 2019/2020 Catapult Award request for applications launched in June 2019 with a focus on Phase 1 or Phase 2 clinical trials that address areas of high unmet need in pediatric cancer research and treatment. The application window is now closed and awards will be announced in 2020.

CureSearch continues to invest in large-scale awards to ensure sustainable research moves forward at an accelerated pace. We are proud to invest in work that will move the needle and impact the future of children’s treatments.

Catapult Award Cycle:

RFAs open for letter of intent submission yearly in early June.

Request for Applications: General Information

CureSearch Catapult Awards will provide support for projects that:

  • Will advance promising therapies for pediatric cancer into or further along in clinical development
  • Show a strong potential for future approval

Highest priority will be given to projects that address areas of high unmet need in pediatric cancer. Catapult Awards will provide funding support up to $2.5 million for a two- to three-year award period, for “clinic-ready” projects that fit the following parameters:

Request for Application

CureSearch won’t stop until a greater quantity of effective and less-toxic children’s cancer treatments have moved out of the lab and into the clinic, ensuring more children live long, healthy and productive lives.

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For more information on Catapult Awards, developing resources or future RFAs, contact:

Caitlyn Barrett
National Director, Research and Programs
(240) 235-2215

Kelli Wright
National Director, Strategic Initiatives
(240) 235-2217

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