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Catapult Awards

For many complex reasons, promising children’s cancer research does not reach its potential. Discoveries often languish in what is known as the ‘Valley of Death’, a place where great research falls short of making it to clinical trials and the marketplace, the point at which treatments reach children.

We are here to address the barriers that are preventing safer treatments from reaching children. CureSearch’s research strategy encompasses programs and funding that deliver results to save children NOW.

The third and final phase of our research strategy is our Catapult Awards program. These critical awards push forward high-potential research into clinical trials and ultimately drug development.

Catpult Research Strategy Infographic - Catapult Awards

CureSearch won’t stop until more and less-toxic children’s cancer treatments are out of the lab and into the clinic and marketplace, ensuring more children live long, healthy and productive lives.

Catapult Research Awards

Through Catapult Awards, we push high-potential clinical research through the final stages and into the hands of kids who need it the most.

Current and Future Awards

Check back often for more information on these awards. Contact us for more information on all Catapult Award programs.

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