Catapult Award Project Details

Dr. Ranjit Bindra studies pediatric glioma, an aggressive type of brain cancer that has a very low 5-year survival rate of less than 25%. Dr. Bindra is testing a novel drug in pediatric patients with a specific subtype of glioma that makes it sensitive to chemotherapy by inhibiting the PARP gene that is involved in repairing DNA mutations. PARP inhibitors make the cancer more sensitive to standard therapies, lowering the dosage needed and associated long-term toxicity when used in combination with chemotherapy. Dr. Bindra’s cutting-edge study can significantly improve long-term survival rates and reduce toxicity in pediatric glioma patients and lead to a potential shift in treatment standards.

Dr. Bindra is partnering with the Pediatric Neurology Oncology Consortium to administer the clinical trial at 18 pediatric cancer centers in the U.S. enrolling 45 patients. The study is proposed to take 3 years to complete. Dr. Bindra will also collaborate with Teen Cancer America, an advocacy group dedicated to AYA patient survivorship, to share the study’s results.

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