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Ultimate Hike Hall of Fame

Ultimate Hike's incredible impact is possible because of our outstanding hikers, volunteers, coaches, and heroes. Special thanks to our Hall of Fame members for going the extra mile to raise critical funds for childhood cancer research!

Everest Lifetime Achievement Award

The Ultimate Hike Everest Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to those hikers who have individually raised $50,000 or more.
*Funds raised through 2022

Triple Everest Achievement Award Recipients

Frank Gioscia - $262,797

Double Everest Achievement Award Recipients

Amy McKelvey - $153,320

Everest Achievement Award Recipients

Jennifer Bawcom - $88,896

Nikki Zablocki - $77,370

Andrea Massari - $67,802

Kathy Wolff - $64,542

Jane Reise - $57,579

Mike Owen - $54,177

Frank Breitman - 50,109

Top 10 fundraisers of 2022

Frank Gioscia - $64,810 - Southeast

Amy McKelvey - $18,703 - Foothills Trail

Ryan Sickler - $14,675 - All Seven Ultimate Hikes

Nikki Zablocki - $11,679 - Shenandoah Valley

Cortney Carter - $10,750 - Ozark Highlands Trail

Tammy Kaitz - $8,205 - Pacific Crest Trail

Kathy Wolff - $7,927 - Create Your Adventure

Steve Crane - $7,750 - Foothills Trail

John Nix - $7,665 - Shenandoah Valley

Jeff Potter - $7,570 - Superior Hiking Trail

Summit Club

Thank you to all our hikers who reached the Summit Club by raising $5,000 or more in 2023.

Amy McKelvey

Andrew Van Strien

Andy Doyle

Annabelle Gould

Barb Loechl

Brayden Wynn

Brigette Larson

Bunny Hicks

Byron Espina

Caden Shrauger

Cara Simon

Cathy Tucker

Cortney Carter

Eric Morton

Frank Breitman

Frank Gioscia

Heather Sprouse

Jane Reise

Jennifer Murphy

Jenny Carr

Jim Colburn

John Nix

Julie Cortinas

Kashyap Jani

Katie Gochenour

Keri Fitzgerald

Laura Rives

Linda Knebel

Lindsey Grubbs

Lori Lapin

Maddi Macomber

Mary-Elizabeth Michaels

Mike Owen

Nichole Zablocki

Pamela Shrauger

Peggy Scott

Quaker Grubbs

Robin Waddell

Sam Cohen

Sara Morton

Scott Hvamstad

Sheri Phelps

Sherie Green

Steve Crane

Susan Pregon

Terri Cohen

Zoe Zablocki

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