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CureSearch for Children’s Cancer’s mission is to end children’s cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

Recent News

Paint Your Nails Gold and Fight Children’s Cancer

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that can make the biggest difference. Like when a parent paints a little girl’s nails and makes her feel beautiful. Or when a single voice tells the story of why children’s cancer research needs more funding....

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Wes Chang, Neuroblastoma

Meet Gold Getter Captain, Wes Chang! This year for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we interviewed our Gold Getter Captains to learn about their cancer survivor stories. Learn more about how you can help them #MakeItGoldForKids here. Current Age: 3 Diagnosis: Stage...

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When A Child Dies From Cancer

In late July, a friend of mine from high school and his wife lost their six-year-old son to a rare brain tumor. This little boy, who loved dinosaurs and Legos, underwent what looked like a crushing regimen of radiation and steroids that left his body swollen and largely immobile during the last seven months of his life.

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CureSearch Events

The CureSearch Walk is a unique event designed to bring together families, friends, caregivers, and supporters whose lives have been affected by childhood cancer.
Ultimate Hike is a life changing, lifesaving adventure! Accomplish a once-in-a-lifetime goal while funding important research.
CureSearch Gold gives you the ability create your own event to support finding cures.
CureSearch Challenge empowers supporters of all athletic ability to go the distance and help end children’s cancer.

Did You Know?

What We Fund

CureSearch Promise


For more than 25 years, CureSearch has been a leader in funding children’s cancer research. CureSearch will accelerate the cure for children’s cancer by driving innovation, eliminating research barriers, and solving the field’s most intractable problems.

Clinical Trials

Among adults, less than 5% of those with cancer are enrolled in clinical trials. Yet for children, more than 60% of those with cancer participate in some form of clinical trial. CureSearch supports clinical trials that show promise in making a difference for children with cancer, today.

Resources for Families

CureSearch provides a wide variety of medical information, clinical videos, webinars, a CancerCare app, and other resources for patients, parents, siblings, extended family members, friends, neighbors, teachers and many others who care about a child with cancer.

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